Press informations from 01.04.2019

Disruptions on eXo-Reallife
eXo-Reallife reported minor technical issues.
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+++ Neue Pressemitteilungen vom 10.01.2020 +++ Kostenfreie Nickchange-Datenbank f├╝r Jedermann +++ Jetzt der Untergrundorganisation beitreten! - Ihr Ansprechpartner: KevinH28 +++ Verpassen Sie keine Rabatte! Abonnieren Sie den DIC-Newsletter heute noch ├╝ber Ihre Profil-Einstellungen! +++ Wir finanzieren Ihre Veranstaltung! - Planen Sie etwas f├╝r die Community, aber Ihnen fehlt das Geld? Kein Problem - Dank DIC sind Sie optimal finanziert! Mehr Informationen +++ Mieten Sie noch heute zum Spotpreis Ihren Wunschparkplatz! +++ Wir haben einfach alles! St├Âbert einfach hier unverbindlich herum. Wir freuen uns ├╝ber jede Kontaktanfrage! +++ Ihre Werbung auf unserer Seite: Kontaktieren Sie uns f├╝r ein auf Ihnen zugeschnittenes Angebot +++ Zahlreiche zufriedene Kunden

+++ Die Domain "" wird zum 31.03.2020 eingestellt. Mehr Informationen +++ Die DIC-MultiDrugs sucht noch dringend Mitglieder!! - Ihr Ansprechpartner: KevinH28 +++ Die Domain "" wird zum 31.03.2020 eingestellt. Mehr Informationen +++ Die DIC-MultiDrugs sucht noch dringend Mitglieder!! - Ihr Ansprechpartner: KevinH28

Press informations from 01.04.2019

New free Service: Nickchange-Database

Since its opening, the DIC network has collected some data from citizens - from creditworthiness to a changed name (Nickchange). Of course, everything anonymous and without the inclusion of personal information. We have compiled the latter clearly for you and made it available free of charge to the public. With this step we want to increase the transparency on eXo. Scams are often carried out and a name change is intended to obscure the identity. Publishing the Nickchanges will make this project easier to discover. Therefore, we only charge a fee for the removal of an existing registration, not for inspection. The database will never be complete; Our office staff is busy around the clock for supplements. You too can contribute by sharing your information with us. Of course, this effort should be worthwhile; By lottery, depending on the scope and quality of the submission, we will pay $ 5,000 per submission:

Report a Nickchange - Overview of all Nickchanges

New head department of our MultiDrugs Organisation

We have a change in a leadership position. From 15.03.2019, Rookie was appointed as the new head of department for our underground organization MultiDrugs. He will now take care of all matters relating to the MultiDrugs. The application phase is already open: Apply now for MultiDrugs

Hoster still online! - We thank you, Bernie!

Bernie unfortunately left the state some time ago, the reasons are quite understandable. Since then, negotiations and technical conversions have been ongoing, as our website is still running on its server. Now it is decided that he will continue to host us. In view of the resulting burdens and the history we know, we would like to expressly thank Bernie for his efforts.


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