Lawyer Activities

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You have been charged or someone has complained against you? Do you want to get your law enforced?

No problem.

Our specialist components are familiar with the legal situation and customary legal practice. We support you in the complaints and take over for you the annoying search by paragraphs and the exhausting procedure. You only have to pay us completely if we have achieved a success. Depending on the time spent, we can offer no fixed prices, but price ranges.

Note: If you want to complain, we would be happy to advise you on the chances of success, the enforceability and the possible penalties and we will gladly take over for you the conversation in the complaint. However, we do not want to impose penalties for moral reasons - you have to make that decision yourself.

We also admonish people on their own and point them to their wrongdoing. This increases the chance to act better against the already requested persons.

Work Basic Price* + Price on success*
Legal Advice
in terms of "lawsuit"
1.000 $ - 12.000 $ -
Appearance in court
in terms of "lawsuit"
7.500 $ - 25.000 $ 4.500 $ - 12.500 $
...from a experiencer** zus├Ątzlich 4.500 $ -
Legal Advice
in terms of "defense"
1.500 $ - 10.000 $ -
Appearance in court
in terms of "defense"
4.500 $ - 20.500 $ 2.000 $ - 7.000 $
...from a experiencer** zus├Ątzlich 3.500 $
Appearance in police headquarters
in terms of "defense"
or Hearing
wrongfully arrested, wrong suspicion, or similar
4.500 $ - 12.500 $ 2.500 $ - 5.000 $

People with an account on this page will receive at least 15% discount on all above prices.

* The basic price reflects the price that must always be paid. The success-prize must be paid only if we have achieved a notable success in court (for example, successful acquittal)

** An experienced person is one who has more than 1,500 hours of play. Only if you request an experient, this price will be charged. Should an experimenter take care of your case directly, it will not be charged.

In order to make you an individual offer, including cost estimate, we ask beforehand by telephone consultation.



Phone.: 3774

..and of course right here in the forum!