Press informations from 06.06.2019

Our condolences; It's Monday.
Nevertheless, we wish all customers a good start to the week.

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Press informations from 06.06.2019

Opening of a new business branch

The DIC network has now taken the next step in a new line of business: stationary retail. We were able to buy from the Dreibeine GmbH the 24/7 shop "South" in Willowfield, which is now our property. By doing so, we hope to be able to offer our products through this new distribution channel, above all to the older population and to those who are having problems with online shops. (Driving)

Admission of new trainees

In order to be able to handle the larger tasks and the continuing increase in orders faster and more effectively, we have now invested in new apprentices and hired new ones. The new apprentices are Maurice, Oplo and Peter. After the two-year training, all apprentices will probably be taken on as full-time employees.

Statement on the SAN News Report on the "Biker Bar"

The SAN News editors have recently written two reports that have both made our family bar and party club "Welcome Pub" in Dillimore look like a dangerous biker bar on the one hand and on the other hand was called "empty".

We would like to emphasize that our bar is a safe and lucrative meeting place for everyone. Under no circumstances is our bar "dangerous" or "empty".

For events of all kinds, such as company outings, bachelor parties or a family reunion, the bar is still available on request. The youth protection laws apply.

The DIC-MultiDrugs continues to search for members

Our underground organization "DIC-MultiDrugs" is still looking for new members and is happy about every application. Your contact persons are Rookie and mast3rm1nd. More information about our underground organization here.


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