Press informations from 18.09.2019

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Press informations from 18.09.2019

Opening of new branch of business: lending

The DIC network (MultiService department) has now ventured another step into a new business: public lending. As a medium-sized family business, however, we can not grant credit to every citizen without a credit rating. Our conditions and requirements are among the strictest requirements than other companies. However, you always have a strong partner in the DIC network and many companies will recognize it.

Zum Kreditservice

DIC - Partnerships founded

Due to some inquiries, we open our network for partnerships. On the one hand, we subdivide into premium partners, which are chosen only by us. Other partners must meet certain quality criteria, submit to an audit, pay an annual fee, and agree to participate in our dispute resolution process. So, if you soon see an entrepreneur who has been honored as a "DIC Partner", you can give them the same confidence you can give us.

The list of all DIC partners can be found in the footer of the website or alternatively here:


Area RAID is imminent

The DIC - MultiDrugs will participate in the Area Raid, which will be launched on September 20, 2019 at about 5:00 pm in front of the SAPD, and will enter the area without any force of arms. This project was carefully planned and coordinated by Supervisory Board TayfunFisher. We hope for a numerous participation.

Zu den Details des Area-Raids


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