Press informations from ​10.01.2020

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Press informations from 10.01.2020

New company branch was opened - DIC - CarService

We have now expanded our company strategy to include classic and premium vehicles. With our special company department under the management of Maurice and byKeksYT we can now offer even more service to our customers.

Change of management to DIC - MultiDrugs

The management level of the underground organisation (Peter / Oplo) has relinquished their duties for reasons of age. The young new committed employee KevinH28 who previously managed our accounts is now taking care of the accounts of the underground organisation DIC-MultiDrugs until mid-April. We wish him a lot of success.

The press conference - The DIC team asked one of the founders (Lexy) - how the DIC came about.

The answer astonished everyone in the press conference room:

"I founded DIC 2013 because I was enthusiastic about the job scene on eXo-Reallifel and I have already gained some experience with various companies myself. Before I played eXo-Reallife rather for myself, without seeing the advantages of a community that serves as entertainment on the one hand and as a social link on the other hand. Angry and I then decided that we finally wanted to open our network by expressing our ideas. But the trio was only complete when we met Antiheld and since then the three founders of DIC have been established. At that time this scene was very competitive and it was anything but easy to gain a foothold. But as a team we never knew how to deal with tasks and failures, we finally created a system that is both productive and successful and a place for everyone willing to join a great community. There is no question that DIC is a network with tradition, but progress and innovation are always at the forefront. We try to keep the old framework and give it a new colour. So you may have to replace parts completely. It may also happen that some people don't like this new preparation, in which case we work on an even better concept. But one thing is certain: the scaffolding will not collapse. And if it does, we have always had a team of craftsmen behind us who have all helped us with the reconstruction. Boys, girls, old, young, much or little time, all give their best and only in this way is it possible to continue as before. Of course, there are dark times - I like to remember the attack of xXKing - but we face them with a flashlight and then find ourselves in the biggest network. Changes are part of our lives, whether virtual or real. We need them to develop ourselves and to steer things in an adequate direction. And what could be better than experiencing all this with great people? Some of them will leave us at some point but what they give will always remain. To name but a few: R4Y. , Toxy , TayfunFisher, DomiTWD, Rookie and let's be honest, where would we be today if there was still no gas station hovering over our hands and if there were wages for every full hour for all employees..."

DIC-MultiDrugs seeks members

DIC MultiDrugs continues to search for active members in the wake of the lost members. The payment is above average, the fun factor is guaranteed and you work in possibly the largest network on eXo. Your contact person for all questions is KevinH28

Become a member of the DIC MultiDrugs


E-mail: |

Phone: 3774 | 7551

..and of course directly here in the forum!

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