Circular letter: Convinces the DIC network

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Los Santos, 10.10.2020

Convinces the DIC network

Dear business people,

"Fish are caught with rods, people with words." - says a German proverb. Therefore our company would like to

be convinced why you are the right ones. What are you asking yourselves for? For the acceptance of one of our business premises

- also known as BIZ - for a small contribution.

For this, a convincing text has to be paid to the company board. This should show us why, why and

why you should have the chance to get a BIS for a small price

Now there is only one last question left: what kind of business will be given away?

We would like to offer you our Clucking Bell in Angle Pine. The redemption amount is less than $1.000.000.

For the company that has convinced Angry, trepuR and the employees of the DIC network, we will receive the object for

850.000 $.

As you can see, an exciting and atmospheric writing evening awaits you.

We look forward to seeing you and keep the door wide open for you.

Best regards and see you soon in business


Strategic Planning Manager
DIC - MultiService mbH

P.S.: Please give us your contribution by 31 October 2020.

The company management is waiting for your message: or via forum.

This letter has been prepared with the aid of electronic data processing equipment and is therefore valid without signature pursuant to Section 37 (5) sentence 1 VwVfG.

This letter may have been forwarded to DIC contract partners. Information on data protection at

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Los Santos
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