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The offer on this page is aimed specifically at newbies under 50 hours of play. They can immediately use all of the offers mentioned here informally and mostly free of charge up to and including the 50th hour of play.

If the number of playing hours exceeds 50, this service must be specifically requested, and a DIC MultiService employee will then look at the individual case.

Free Use of Carpool


In order to be able to explore the city, we offer the use of our launch vehicle free of charge. In order to be able to use this service, an informal message to one of the following participating DIC members is sufficient: Angry,

The vehicle models Clover, Stratum and Elegy are currently available. For logistical reasons we cannot accept vehicles or reservations. If this offer is well received, we plan to expand it.

We ask that you drive the vehicles carefully and park them in accordance with the parking regulations. The car can be parked at will on DIC property, our employees will then return it to its place of origin.

We regularly refill the tank at our own expense. Should you still have to pay for a tank filling yourself, we will reimburse 100% of the fuel costs

Instructions in the Server


An experienced member of staff will take you around the card and go through all of the following:

  • Basic system (server purpose, click system, all essential functions, team tasks)
  • Start-up assistance (driver's license, state, government, regulations)
  • Important places (PD, driving school, shops)
  • Jobs & Activities (earning money, part-time jobs)
  • Integration into society (parliamentary groups, companies, private companies & gangs)
  • Forum & Teamspeak (benefits, marketplace, complaints, applications)
  • Contact information (where can you find what?)

The briefing will take about 60-90 minutes and is for newbies up to 50 hours with only $ 25,000, which can also be paid as an interest-free loan at a later date. Comparatively, such a briefing would cost $ 40,000 over 50 hours of play.

Fraction & Company Consulting

We will also help with the drafting of applications and give helpful tips and tricks. We accompany the newcomers until they are accepted into a parliamentary group and company. We also provide assistance for difficult subject areas, such as basic military service and gangwar, and support you in learning the rules. Our consulting services are intended for newcomers with a discount of at least 40%.

Support with complaints

Unfortunately, newbies are often confronted with senseless violence and rule violations. We help here free of charge* and give support in the formalities to help you to the right. The burden of proof, attempted clarification, compensation, implementation, etc. are a great challenge for beginners. Here we accompany them free of charge* to get their rights.

* Defenses are generally free. In the event of lawsuits, we will only charge no costs if the newcomer has been the victim of one of the following rule violations: sDM, DriveBy, Rotorn, dead parking, serious insults, combat healing, offline / marker / suicide escape, improper towing, unnecessary state violence, marker killing, DM in NoDM zones, incorrect wanted allocation. All other cases are usually chargeable (see here), but with a discount of at least 30% for newbies.

Integration assistance for German foreigners, young people or people with disabilities


We particularly support people with disabilities, children and foreigners who cannot or can hardly understand the language. We like to communicate in English or use simple language. We are also happy to explain points several times and support you with every administrative procedure.

People with a GdB (degree of disability) of at least 30% receive a discount of at least 40% on all services regardless of the playing hours. With a GdB of at least 60%, our services are discounted to at least 60%.

A large part of our website has already been translated into English and we are constantly improving it.

We hope that you will have a good start on eXo-Reallife.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our experienced DIC staff at DIC MultiService.

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