Press informations from 03.12.2020

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We are currently experiencing disruptions in receiving and sending emails. Unfortunately, some services are therefor currently restricted.
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Press informations from 03.12.2020

Acquisition of a new gas station in Montgomery


On October 23, 2020, the management of the MultiService department together with the management decided to acquire the last desired gas station in Montgomery. We have invested a very large amount, which according to our calculations could only pay off after at least 9 years. With the acquisition of this gas station, all of the gas stations that can be bought outside of major cities now belong to the DIC network. This has also been the goal of the company's direction since June 2018, which we have now gloriously achieved.

Our shops

Acquisition of the new Rusty Brown restaurant in MarketuaKZZM7.png

After very tough negotiations, on November 17th, 2020 we acquired the only available donut shop from our competitor Rompetrol, which is located behind the hospital. This BIS has also been part of our corporate direction since June 2018, which is now to be part of our company in the long term. Unfortunately, due to the current corona pandemic, the desired company party has to be postponed. We will of course make up for this as soon as circumstances arise.

Our shops

Milestone in DIC history and change in BIS policy

With the above two BIS, the network has acquired all BIS that had been desired according to the corporate plan and the wishes of our members since 2018. This path was not an easy path either for the society or its members. We deliberately went in the red to achieve this. We didn't want to pass our high purchasing costs on to our customers in the form of overpriced prices, but wanted to continue to offer good quality for the small budget. We managed to do this: In the free market, we were not only the cheapest in many areas, but also the only ones who offered the product or service at all. Our shareholders and employees are very proud of this progress.

Since the network is fundamentally no longer interested in new BIS, we will change our BIS policy completely. All BIS that were not and are not part of our business plan will be auctioned in the future. These are no longer required for the business plan. All BIS auctions and sales take place exclusively on DIC platforms. As before, a reservation for certain players or groups does not take place. We want to give everyone the same opportunities and promote free competition. This is also very important for our transparency and anti-corruption promise.

BIZ Purchase and Sales

Selling a BIS: Cluckin Bell Angel PineZ2vMOZv.jpg

As a first step after the above section, we will be selling our Cluckin Bell restaurant in Angel Pine at a bargain price. We sell this BIS exclusively through our website and without an auction. The first bidder who transfers the money to us for the BIS will also receive it. *

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Auction of two premium vehicles

Due to the current economic situation, we are forced to auction two of our premium vehicles. It is a rarely used mower and a fresh hot knife. The auction takes place exclusively on our website and is limited to January 31, 2021. As with any DIC auction, registered DIC customers have a decisive advantage: Buying immediately is 10% cheaper for them than for non-registered DIC customers. To submit a bid, the following employee can be contacted informally: trepuR and Angry

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Clarification of vehicle prices

The vehicle prices, for which the network is largely criticized, are always tradable. If you would like a vehicle, our staff can negotiate the price with you. The indicated prices are always our maximum prices. We also sell vehicles well below the purchase price on our areas. But these are of course sold out very quickly. So it's worth stopping by regularly! We look forward to any feedback on our services on our website.

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MultiDrugs under new managementSkinid94.jpg

There was a change in leadership in the MultiDrugs department. In addition to the previously known faces FleXpunkt and Gowther, Heihachi.Yamaguchi joined the team as the new head of department. We hope that this will bring a new breath of fresh air and increased interest in the gang. The MultiDrugs department is therefore still looking for members. The MultiDrugs phone number has also changed. You can now reach MultiDrugs on the phone number 1751.

As a MultiDrugs member you ensure a regular economy and are a modern "Robin Hood". In doing so, you always ensure order when competitors do not follow the rules of the game and make it easier for the rich to do something with their belongings. You can expect above-average pay and performance-related commissions, which are funded by the MultiService department.

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Phone: 3774 (DIC-MultiService) |1751 (DIC-MultiDrugs)

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